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Picking Poppies kindness
Picking Poppies

Picking Poppies – Being Kind to Yourself

By On March 22, 2018

I continued to make eye contact, nodding occasionally as if I was actually attentive to the words being spoken. I “listened” for several minutes before I realized I had not actually heard… Read More

adventure inspired life
Mountain Moments

Living an Adventure Inspired Life

By On February 28, 2018

I found myself at home, injured, on a long weekend, completely bored out of my mind.  I told my husband I was considering getting a weekend job.  I already have two jobs,… Read More

Picking Poppies 30 days of kindness
Picking Poppies

Picking Poppies – Episode 8 – Kindness Everywhere

By On February 22, 2018

I had gotten to my classroom early to get some last-minute prep work done before the busy day started.  My desk sits next to a window, where students frequently pass by.  The… Read More

when things go wrong
Mountain Moments

When Things Go Wrong – On and Off the Trail

By On February 13, 2018

We stared at the “pond,” more like a puddle, with its dark green glow.  In this heat, that puddle was perfect breeding ground for algae and who knows what else.  We weren’t… Read More

all the passion strings
Mountain Moments

I Can’t Stay Angry in the Mountains

By On February 5, 2018

I can’t be angry in the mountains. There is just something magical that fills the deepest part of my being, as I take step after step, completely removed from everything behind me. … Read More

Hiking to heal
Hiking and Backpacking

6 Ways to Spend More Time Outside

By On January 30, 2018

It’s not even worth the argument – it is healthier for you in every way to spend more time being active and being outside.  Don’t believe me?  Then go here, or here,… Read More

all the passion strings
Mountain Moments

Doing Things for the First Time After Loss

By On January 27, 2018

The snow crunched magically beneath my feet.  Mt Rainier towered over us, as we huffed and puffed and struggled our way higher and higher.  It felt like we should have summited the… Read More

picking poppies
Picking Poppies

Picking Poppies – Episode 7 – 30 Days of Kindness

By On January 22, 2018

The 13-year-old boy laid in his hospital bed, staring miserably at the TV screen.  Blues Clues.  He hated Blues Clues.  He contemplated throwing the telephone at the TV screen.  It was day… Read More

violin gram
Picking Poppies

Picking Poppies – Episode 6 – A Violin Gram

By On December 22, 2017

  I hid in the bathroom stall, rereading the words on my screen.  I reread them again.  And again.  No way, I whispered under my breath.  I typed a response as quickly… Read More

Hiking and scrambles
Mountain Moments

A Digestive Scramble

By On December 2, 2017

I could hear my stomach gurgling, and I clenched the necessary muscles with every ounce of my being.  My eyes darted across the bouldered hillside, frantically looking for a spot, any spot,… Read More